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Melanoma, non-Melanoma skin cancers, and Infantile Hemangioma are three of the most frequently encountered conditions within the Department of Dermatology. Click below to learn more about symptoms and programs of treatment for each of these conditions.



Malignant melanoma can be the more worrisome of all skin cancers. Excessive exposure to the sun and sensitivity to the sun are considered risk factors that have contributed to the rising...

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Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

There are two principal kinds of non-melanoma skin cancers: basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer. Basal cell cancer is the most common cancer in the world. Squamous cell cancer is the...

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Infantile Hemangioma

Infantile hemangiomas are harmless growths of microscopic blood vessels. They usually start out as a tiny red speck on the skin at or within a few weeks after birth. They grow rapidly...