Shaping the Practice of Dermatopathology

We value the trust of and the relationship with our contributors, as well as the opportunity to innovate and to educate. We have an unwavering commitment to shaping the practice of dermatopathology worldwide.

Medical schools across the country, including the Yale School of Medicine, were built on the premise that good medical practice has to be based on sound scientific discipline. The closeness of these principles is readily demonstrated every day in the field of dermatopathology and at Yale Dermatopathology we support them as clinicians, scientists and teachers. The medical community shares this premise and their trust is reflected in our growing clinical practice, now the largest academic group of board-certified dermatopathologists in the region.

It's been 216 years since the field of dermatopathology began in 1792. Renowned international leaders in dermatology have contributed to the evolution of dermatopathology and our understanding of cutaneous diseases. Yale has a place in that history, earned by our dermatologists and dermatopathologists who are part of the discovery milestones.